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Guilty-- I'm the founder of Olivialive, a blog dedicated to highlighting a single decision that set my life on---a miracle. If you thought fire, then I want you to expect more. Life has already played that record, and now it's time to make your own. But just in case you were wondering, my desire is on fire to tell a story--a story about an unconventional journey into adulthood, a story about your untold possibilities, a story about educating our soul.

Currently, I'm living the best year of my life because I said YES to the uncommon phenomena of a Gap Year. I'm also establishing a business to inspire young adults (like me) to lead unforgettable lives.

Explain the (like me) parenthetical please-
By writing young adults (like me), I don't mean you have to look like this:

I do mean that members of this community are actively working their lives towards ones of ambitious meaning (inward focused thing). I'm not the person who will best serve you inspiration, motivation, and calls to action if you are on the journey of ambition (outward focused thing).
\\underlined phrases adapted from"the father of motivation"-Dwayne Dyer

Translation: I'm for the people who want to educate their soul, win people's hearts, and earn blessings and joy from the universe. M.A's, accolades, awards, and top-tier titles are not my focus or my goal. They're more like the cherries on top of sundaes. (**hint- I don't actually like cherries, but think they're visually stunning as they frame that divine creation called sundae quite nicely).

My Goal, My Focus: 
I'm here to remind you how to soar and stand up when the world tells us to look around and sit down during (one of) the most neurologically explosive times of our lives. It's synaptic fever, and I think I've got just the fix... 
Oh, I almost forgot!
I don't enjoy long walks on the beach--
The sand gets everywhere and my feet never seem to stay clean; but...

I'm always up for witnessing a sunset lean into the promise of tomorrow. In the words of Dr. Jean Houston, I am captivated by 'the lure of our becoming' and have responded by designing a year-long self-education journey to explore under-represented possibilities and opportunities for young adults (aged 17-24).

Translation:  I took a Gap Year, and life shared some BIG secrets with me. I want to share them with you.

Love and Light Always,

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